The modern website is not just an informative front page. Now it is a way more. The dynamic content, futuristic design, unlimited posts and the multimedia make the website a complex structure that requires stable administration. 

The best way to keep your website updated and organized is the so-called CMS (Content Management System). The CMS is created as a web application for non-technical people to manage the content of the website. The administrator has access to the system through a username and a password, and it allows them to add, remove or edit the information. Any changes in the CMS will reflect on the front-end of the website. 


This system is the perfect solution for people who are not familiar with web development to manage their own web. The CMS is good not only for the content but also for managing registered users, permissions, security level, meta data, SEO and much more!

The Winzes CMS is custom developed and uses the latest technologies, such as PHP 5, HTML 5 and CSS 3

The system allows users to manage:

  • Categories

  • Products or Services

  • Navigation elements

  • Dynamic jQuery sliders

  • Custom contact/request forms

  • Meta Data (Title, Description, Keywords)

  • and ANY other functionalities necessary for your business!

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