The first step of the project for your website consist of selecting the right name and buying your own hosting space where your new website will be located.

The name is important. Just like you have a personal name, your company has a name, too, and your website also should have a good one. The truth is that most of the good domain names are already occupied by users or other companies, but still we know how to get the best possible domain for your business. 

Winzes Studio offers: 

  • Domain Name Research

  • Domain Name Registration

  • Domain Transfers

  • DNS Settings

Another very important factor is the good hosting. It is responsible for the speed, the reliability and the security of your website. Winzes Studio is a partner of some of the best hosting companies in the world with servers in USA, Europe, the Middle East and Australia. 

Our offer for your hosting is: 

domain-and-hosting31. Full support for the registration process

2. Setup and installation of the website

3. Setting the security options

4. Setting your domain names

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*Winzes Partners Ltd. is a partner of:
Future Hosting for the US market
1and1 for European market for Bulgaria and Middle East