Brochures are usually small advertising materials made of paper, containing useful information about a product, a service or a promotion. The advantage of using brochures is that they are not expensive to produce and you can reach sufficient number of customers. 

There are five types of brochures:

  • Leave-Behinds
    - this type should contain complete description of your service or product - everything that a potential customer should know about it. You usually give this kind of brochure after a meeting with your client.

  • Point Of Sale - this type is the perfect solution for places where we have customer flow - when people stand in line at the store or just for a brochure stand in the metro station. The information should be descriptive, promotional or something that can catch the attention of the customer. In this case good graphic design is extremely important.

  • Respond to Inquiries - this type of brochures is for your customers who have already taken the decision to make a purchase. The information in it should describe the buying process and also to expose all the benefits of your product/service.

  • brochure1Direct Mail Brochure - you send this brochure with the package to your customers. It should look like a small catalogue of your products, and should contain pictures, descriptions and even technical specifications. It is also a good idea to include some thankful words to your customer. 

  • Sale Support Brochure - this kind of brochures is good for both your sales person and your customer. It should contain bigger images and headlines. The sales person guides the customer using the included information and the client can very clearly notice the differences and specifications of the various products or services.

No matter which one of the 5 types you need, we can create it for you. 

We offer

  • unique and modern design
  • ready to print files
  • wide variety of different brochure styles such as: horizontal, vertical, 1-, 2- or 3-page brochures, etc.

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